Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Abnormal Pap - Just Our Luck!

So over the course of the last month, I have had to go for a lot of preliminary testing so that we can start a fresh cycle in end of June, beginning of July.  I had blood work done, a saline sonogram, and then a bunch of tests to check for STDs.

Everything came back fine except for my pap.  I have been getting pap smears done consistently for the last 15 years and everything has always come back normal.  Of course the one time I NEED a normal pap, I get abnormal results. 

Side note:  I was not even up for a pap until July 2014 (according to the new guidelines).  My advice ladies - do not follow these guidelines - go EVERY year.
 My obgyn's office at first says the first appointment for a colposcopy is not until June since one of the doctors is going on vacation - Are you kidding me?  After talking to the nurse, they were able to fit me in in 3 weeks instead of 5.

So, now we wait.  My IF clinic said that if everything comes back normal after the colposcopy then we can still cycle this summer.  Fingers crossed!

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