Thursday, May 16, 2013

BFFs with the Urologist

I think we can officially say that E and I are BFFs with the urologist.  Today, we had yet another appointment with him to get an update of E's testosterone levels.  It has been 8 long months of appointments, surgeries, and follow-ups.  Urologists appointments are awesome because I feel like over 50% of the appointment is devoted to you and your husband talking about your sex life - fun times!

The Good News: E's levels have increased by 100 and is now at 470.

The Bad News: We will not have a SA until July because it takes 3 months for sperm to mature.  We were really hoping to start a fresh cycle in July (assuming my colposcopy goes well next Friday).  It now looks as though we will need to push it back to August - the same month that my sister is due with her first child.  

I am really hoping that the third time is a charm for us - fingers crossed!

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