Monday, July 8, 2013

Bad Blogger - Colposcopy Update!

I am the worst blogger!  No updates in 6 weeks - are you kidding me?

Well, here you go.

At the end of May, I had a colposcopy.  I was SO nervous about the outcome of the procedure.  If the biopsy came back with CN2 or CN3 abnormal cells, then there would be no IVF...

So the Friday before Memorial Day, I went to my regular ObGyn office.  Two weeks earlier,  I made an appointment with the first available doctor - a man I had never met before - oh well - I wanted to get this procedure done ASAP. 

So the procedure....

First, you lay down on a table and they invert it.  They place acetic acid (more or less vinegar) into your vagina so it can reach your cervix and then you wait for 5 minutes.  I will not lie - it burned!  The doctor then shared the good news - no cervical cancer! Yay!  The bad news is that he needed to do a biopsy since he could not tell how bad the abnormal cells were.  When he took the cervical tissue for the biopsy, I literally felt nothing.  Once he finished up, I was able to go to work - lucky me!

He said he would contact me in a week with results.  Let the waiting begin!!!!

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