Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Our Final Meeting with the Urologist

E has been Clomid since the beginning of April.  Last week, he provided a sperm sample and then we patiently awaited the results.

I tried not to get my hopes up as the last SA was unsuccessful, but I had heard of many men having success with Clomid so I was optimistic.  Unfortunately, this was not the case for us.  E's SA still showed azoospermia - no sperm.  The urologist said that E should remain on the Clomid until we are done TTC.  

So as of now, we will be using E's frozen sperm that he banked before chemotherapy.  Not the best case scenario, but at least we have something to work with.

The urologist described the journey as a roller coaster.  He said with each infertility treatment there is hope, but then there are downs that (may) come with it.  So true....  The question becomes when do you get off?

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