Thursday, July 11, 2013

Crowdfunding for Adoptions, Fertility Treatments

E brought this article, Crowdfunding for Adoptions, Fertility Treatments, to my attention and I thought it was very interesting:
Hopeful parents to be are turning to crowdfunding sites to raise thousands of dollars from friends, family and even complete strangers.
This just brings to the forefront that insurance companies need to get their act together.  ART techniques including IUI and IVF, should be covered by ALL insurance plans.  People should not have to use up their entire life savings to have a child.  Not everyone can naturally have a child and it is not fair that they should be punished for this.  I understand that there would most likely need to be a monetary limit put on these techniques, but to not even cover one cycle is absolutely absurd!

Vent Over!  

T-3 weeks until the start of our next cycle!

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