Thursday, April 11, 2013


So today I had to go and get a saline sonogram at my old IVF clinic.  You might be asking yourself - why would this lady go back to a place that she has been trying to avoid - simple - my new clinic is 2.5+ hours away and that would have meant I had to take the entire day off of work.

The first thing that hits me about this clinic is that it truly is all about appearances here.  Dim lighting, comfy couches, piano music - blah.  My new clinic looks like a doctor's office and personally, I prefer the sterile feel.  They are spending their money on developing new reproductive technologies instead of trying to set the mood.  (Reason 986 I am now going to a new RE)

When I sat down in the waiting room, I was apprehensive about seeing my old RE, but I doubted he would even remember me, seeing as how I was mostly cared for by nurses when I was a patient. Oh yeah, funny story, my appointment today was done by a nurse and not a doctor.... (Reason 987 I am now going to a new RE)

As I am walking to my room, I see all the nurses crowded around a baby - seriously - a baby is in the hallway which leads to the procedure rooms - are you kidding me?  I found this extremely offensive and I am sure I am not the only one.  It makes me feel better that I am no longer under their care.  (Reason 988 I am now going to a new RE)

There were two positives that came out of this appointment.  One the nurses who I always saw during my two previous cycles performed the procedure today and remembered me.  She gave me some kind words of encouragement.  The other good thing is that everything looked fine on the saline sonogram and so far I have minimal to zero pain from the procedure.  7-11 weeks until we start our next IVF cycle!

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