Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Urologist Update

We had our check up with the urologist yesterday.  Seeing as how we already knew the results of the SA, we were prepared for the impending bad news.  The two other things we were concerned about was E's pain and his testosterone levels.

Well, the doctor said that E's groin pain is not caused by the surgery and that it is a muscular problem, completely unrelated.  This is good news.  The doctor said to stop using the jock strap and to change to compression shorts.  We are now on the hunt for good compression shorts.

As for the testosterone level, no good news there, either. Story of our lives.  After an initial bump in testosterone levels in November, it appears as though the anastrozole has stopped working.  The doctor has now prescribed Clomid for E.  He has another follow up exam in 5 weeks to see if it improves his t-levels.

And so our journey continues...

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